The Continuing Adventures

I spent all weekend working on a manuscript. Done. Whew!

I just finished a huge biography of Judy Garland. I got started on it after catching her "American Masters" bio -- the episode is just searing, with more killer moments than I can possibly mention:

I got the bio from the liberry and they only had the original 1975 hardcover. The thing was 650 pages. I carried it to and from work in its own special bag. I renewed it four times. It took a month of near-daily reading to finish it.

What can I tell you.

I love you, Judy!


RT said...

You gave me a great suggestion, but it was too late. I too have been lugging around a huge female-related musical library book ("Girls Like Us"). It got kinda messy, but now I see it needed "its own special bag." I gave it one today, but now I'm almost finished. I only had to renew once, but I think I got avocado on it. If you ever read this book, let me know.

Erica said...

Next time around, you can borrow my bag! It's very sturdy, made by MUJI!