Goin' to the

You are all so lucky, so very very lucky, that I have spared you the wedding crap on this blog.

If you're desperate to hear all about the final countdown, I invite you to find me on Facebook (where video has clearly not only killed the radio star, but disemboweled it).

But what can I tell you. We're getting married on Saturday. This has been the grandest few weeks of my life, just feeling happy about everything. And last night the McCartney show was exhilarating. No eyerolls -- the man can bring it.

I keep thinking of what the next phase of life will bring. Surely it will bring some form of poverty after all the wedding bills are paid. I want to keep boxing and doing the horrendous kettlebells, but maybe add something new. Learn Spanish finally? Take a modern dance class? See more movies?

I sound like an idiot, but I'm tired.

The suggestion box is open. In the meantime, I finally got wind of Google Reader, which means it will be infinitely easier to keep up with all of you.