Pow, pow.

It was John's last day in class; we took a bunch of photos.

I'm looking at them with mostly pride, but also with a tinge of embarrassment (see my hooks sail through the air) and annoyance (have to keep those hands up).

I've been sparring with these folks for several years now and just love knowing them, learning who they are through their punches.

We'll miss ya, John!


Step On Ya, Walk On Ya, Step On Ya, Walk On Ya

This phrase keeps popping into my head (and whoops, sometimes out of my mouth) at work. Its origin is one of my favorite cartoons from childhood, "The Cat That Hated People."

Appended for your amusement. It gets pretty trippy.


Today's quote

Me: "Well, I guess there's a yin for every yang."
Dan: "Well, some have more yang than others . . . "


How I See It

It makes perfect sense.

The best way to revitalize any withering campaign is to trot someone out who will not only work hard to stroke the party's collective cock -- with the familiar battle cries of lowering taxes, with the words "enemies" and "evil" thrown in for good measure -- but to actually entice people of all political stripes to reach in and stroke their own.

It's fucking genius. It's essence.