Discerning folk question the logic of a store containing items that one purchases solely for the purpose of containing other items. Yet I contend this is a good thing.

Witness my coat closet, from which a moth emerged, fluttering.

Witness my trooping off to aforementioned store, buying multitudes of plastic garment bags, and hermetically sealing said coats.

And, lo: emergence of Moth 2, and a pool of wool dust at the bottom of the neglected basket of hats and scarves.

Something about moths triggers rage in me. "Die, moth-er-f***er!" Whap, whap, WHAP.

Tonight: I obtain plastic boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Stitch, bitch.

I upgraded my Netflix and commenced to rent your suggestions en masse. Last night it was The Women. Although it made me question whether I want to ever date again, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I also taught myself how to knit ribbing during it. Yay.

That fashion sequence was just outrageous.


Need Recommendations

I rented Annie Hall and hated it. The acting was bad and I guess I take all the psychoanalytic gab for granted.

I rented Four Weddings and a Funeral and hated it. I don't see why we're supposed to think that 2 people casually torturing each other is cute.

I need to watch movies that are smart, silly, romantic, and classy. Old or new movies -- I don't care. (Preferably old: the actors dress better.)

Suggestions please.

ps. I saw Bridget Jones and I liked it a lot -- just so you don't think I'm a total sourpuss.


Coffee with Ghosts

Only one table open at Reggio's; and I sat across from an empty chair where, on our second date, I sat across from him, talking about his plans to buy a house.

I'm sipping coffee at Magnolia Bakery when the Velvets come on with Sunday Morning: the song that flowed through the car time and time again as we drove to and from the ferry to Fire Island.

I can't bear it.

Thank you to the nice girl at Magnolia for the glass of water and free cookie.


When the going gets tough, the tough go a little blonder. And go shopping.

I now have fluffy moppet-head, a few new American Apparel shirts, and a much-needed desk chair.

Something in me must be indestructible or else it surely would have been destroyed by now.