Here’s some brag-worthy news for a Friday.

First, check out Lucid Culture’s review of our recent live show.

Next, I’m happy to report that folk supergroup the Strangelings are covering my badass arrangement of the traditional number Johnny Come Down to Hilo. They’re gonna play it when they headline Falcon Ridge tomorrow night and have recorded it on their new CD (on which I have sung a few ooh-y and aah-y harmonies).

Break a leg, kids!


Musings of a Pretentious Twat

The title of this entry is inspired by the previous entry. But I’ll let it stand.

Lyrics often look pretty dumb when written out. I think it will sound better with the music attached. Music can cover up a lot of silliness.

Does anyone remember when they had a Cole Porter lyric on a Poetry in Motion poster?

It’s very clear
Our love is here to stay.
Not for a year
But ever and a day.

Mmmmmmmmm, yummy.



Heat, like a strong hand on my back. Suddenly the night is kissing me and I’m kissing back. I’m walking through water, I’m wading through the dark. For an hour I watch night boats pass by Corlear’s Hook Park.

Heat pressing on my skin brings calm and slight alarm. My breathing quickens when a stranger brushes my arm. Moving so slow four flights underground. A silver F train rattles in & takes me all the way downtown.

Heat makes a lonely hunter. A hot bead of sweat saunters down every down, and then in between. I know that you know I know what you mean. But I want to hear it right from your lips, with your mouth to my ear and your hands on my hips.

Heat on the sidewalk, hot grass on the lawn. Steam rises from the blacktop when the cloudburst comes. Am I going crazy, or is it all for the love of heat.