The Joys of Plugging In

We just got back from visiting with my brother and his lovely family, and playing at the Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfret, CT.

It was such a great weekend.

Photos and commentary here.


A Taste of September

Isn't it grand? Last night was so clear and chilly. It was intoxicating to open all the windows and feel and smell that cool breeze.

The house got so quiet - no more artificial humming and buzzing. I could hear only the cars whooshing over the bridge and the occasional tha-thumping of a car radio.

I spread the pink coverlet over the bed and snuggled under. The blinds stayed open so I could feel the moonlight. The sky was that nice deep indigo, and the faraway bridge lights so turquoise and crisp.

So very, very lovely.


The Joys of Being Unplugged

As some of you know, we were away for a few days in the Finger Lakes area. Our cabin had no electricity (a generator powered the water pump, though).

This was the view across from our sleeping loft.

All the rest and vino inspired me to start sprucing up. New blog elements coming your way.

We're Puttin' On a Show!

Attention all Connecticut-area residents: Allez à la Vanilla Bean on Saturday! Details below.


You Know Who's Got Hands?

This has been an exceptionally stressful week even by the standards of all the stressful weeks preceding it.

What better time to finally see "Walk Hard!"

The first time ¡J! and I saw it, we kept exchanging glances across the couch, witnessing one crazy-ass scene unfold after another. Ohthatissosillynoway. Ohgoodgrief.

There is a cumulative effect of such thoughts. About halfway through the movie I hit the breaking point. I pitched forward and started howling and haven't stopped since.

This is my favorite scene, I think:

I feel like like a 14-year-old who just discovered Monty Python.

Now, when things get bad, I beg ¡J! to put the movie on and play some scenes. It's the only thing that sets the world right.

No, that's not the Squier above, because

. . . the Squier is gently tucked away in our rehearsal space. This is its fraternal twin, the Strat. Everybody say "Hi, Strat!"