Four in the morning, the end of December

I woke up very hungry. I breathed in and coughed. I pushed off the heavy covers and stood up. My hamstrings were burning, so I crouched over a little.

I stepped gingerly into the kitchen. The shadows of the arms of the clock pointed to 4 and 12. I opened a cabinet and felt around for a slim box. It was covered with cellophane, except for one short end. I pushed in the tabs and took a few water crackers. They were a little gummy but they tasted good.

The subway rolled by over the bridge. The cars looked pristine, empty, yellow lit. The lights were out on all the skyscrapers. I took a few more crackers and put the box away.

I noticed a dark shape at my feet. Rox was waiting by the food bowl. I topped off the bowl and she crunched on the kibble.

Rox followed me back to bed. She jumped on my pillow. I sneezed. She jumped off.

We're Moving!

Until further notice I'll be at


Happy New Year!


People are leaving a lot of sweets out on the common table.

This morning, it was yellow cookies and whoopie pies.

The first time I saw a whoopie, I didn't know what it was. I was in a minimart / service station in western PA. A small turdlike thing was wrapped in saran wrap lying next to the cash register.

"What's that?" I asked the attendant, pointing.

"That's a whoopie dog," he said.

I had never heard of it. "What's that?"

"It's like a whoopie pie."

"What's a whoopie pie?"

He paused. "Why . . . it's just a whoopie pie."

For that reason, I now think of whoopie pies as an a priori food.


Something about this job is making me very, very hungry.

What's that you're eating?


The Source of the Problem Reveals Itself

It felt so great, eating steamed vegetables and tofu over brown rice for dinner. I was a little hungry afterward, though, and started looking around for one more thing to eat. I saw a bag of bialys I had been meaning to freeze. I put most of them in the freezer, and then ate one schmeared with scallion cream cheese. Mmm. As I was putting the cream cheese away I saw a tub of crispy green pickles I had bought from the pickle guys. I'm trying to snack on pickles instead of chocolate. I ate three pickles. Then I ate chocolate.


Moral Dilemma

The order arrived with a turkey burger but no fries. I called and they're sending the fries separately. Do I tip again?


Ho ho etc.

I finally updated the website.

The dirty Christmas song is back.