Unfortunately there is no spell check for cakes.

I loved visiting with my friends Hungrytown, aka Rebecca and Ken. I miss them already. All that is left behind is a bunch of tidy laundry and a slab of celebratory cd-release carrot cake in my fridge.

I'm drinking the rest of the wine. By myself right now. And listening to Anne Briggs.

Snif . . .


Sunrise on the Lower East Side

I took these the other morning and tried to post them, but the computer was glitchy.

*Yawn* . . .


Friday funk

I've been getting up early all this week, anxious over this or that.

Slowly I've come to realize that getting up early is the key to everything.

Watching sunrises, for example. Eating breakfast. Banking online. Having a spot of tea and calming down. Thinking through whatever was bothering me.

I've completely forgotten to mention, or send an announcement, indicating that tomorrow I will be playing a solo show opening for Rebecca and Ken, hereby christened Hungrytown. They have a new CD! Hurrah!

I'll be at Googie's Lounge at 9pm. Hungrytown goes on at 10.


Sunday scrawl

Some of you think I'm dippy for writing the previous post. Well, screw you. I know what I know.

Last night !J¡ and I escorted my nephew out for a funtastic birthday dinner on Long Island and afterward had a short, cozy visit with the family. As I was packing up to leave my (step)mom told me she had found my mom's humongous jewelry box. For various reasons, I thought this jewelry box had been lost, and I was elated to whisk it home and rummage through it again after all these years. Inside: a black jet bead bracelet; an Art Deco watch inscribed with my grandmother's initials; a NYC subway token from the 50s or 60s; a set of matching parakeet earrings and pin; a necklace of big fat orange beads; and more. Yum.

This has been the perfect afternoon to sit with a cup of tea at my desk and and notice the light changing. Gorgeous shades of gray and cornflower blue today.