"WWN avoided celeb gossip, with the exception of Elvis and politicians (for instance, Donald Rumsfeld: 'Rumsfeld Changes His Name to Rumsfeldstiltskin and Tells Rogue Nations 'Guess My New Name or We'll Invade You,''[. . . .] By those standards alone, I considered it a higher calling."

Eros in action

I've noticed something recently.

On my lunchtime walkabout, I get catcalled a lot. Walking to and from work, I never get a single hoot.

I puzzled over this. Is 9am too early for catcalling? Must one have one's morning coffee in order to issue a proper 'hey baby?' And by 6, is one just too plum tired from leering at all the foot traffic during the day?

Then it hit me: at lunchtime I'm wearing my real shoes; walking to and from work, I'm wearing sneaks.

Another compelling argument for the indelible power of fabulous shoes.


Thus ends the . . .

. . . Muppet thread. And, hark! What thread has recommenced!?!

It's the return of the alien octopus!!!!!

This is the first time in a long time I've seen one that's not on a moving object (truck) or on a stationary object (wall) at a moment in time in which I am on a moving object (train, bus).

<. . . >

Mmm, ok, one more Muppet pic.


Electric Mayhem

(Clockwise from left: John, Joe, Ross, Erica, Andy)

Please note that Plastic Sharples / Blonde Wombat / 99 cent Beef combo, aka the John Sharples Band, will be playing at Hank's Saloon on Friday. I have no idea when, or with whom.

More info as it becomes available.

I'm the backup singer, woooo!


"Mo' Muppets" Monday!

I hope this inspires your singing as it has mine!


I got totally killed in boxing on Wednesday.

Defense was decent, but my offense was pitiful.

We were doing 1s and 2s only. No hooks! She take-a my hooks away, I get a-killed.



Isn't today a great day . . .

(1) . . . to be born?

Welcome, Jonah Klein Rogoff! Looks like you have your mom's beautiful red hair and dad's winsome smile.

(2) . . . or, if you've already been born, to curl up under a blanky and watch the newest fabulous show on basic cable?