Back on the Wagon

Under the auspice of recovering from violent illness, I let myself eat whatever I want.

I've had bread and cheese for three meals straight, with intermittent bananas and cookies.

It was a fear of fiber, really. Even the thought of edamame made me shudder.

But enough already. Back to normal, starting tomorrow!


Minibean said...

mmmmm... bread and cheese. Yum! Can I come visit?

Saro said...


Erica said...

Sorry, MB -- Saro is just a bit wound up over the last time you visited.

You can come over, and I'll stow her in the bedroom temporarily.

fillebrunette said...

mimibean and saro
and joanie, and tigey wigey
father: bear
mother: mrs.cat
and don't forgot the guy sleeping on top of bear's dod house

Col said...