The Big Drop

It's a good thing I have my husband, family, and friends, as well as (perhaps to a lesser extent) my wits. So much else seems to have slipped away.

Earlier this year: Medical issues (all better), the loss of our beloved Dave, and finally in June, laid off. Wow.

My employer gave us 24 hours to leave the premises. After that: exhilarated, confused, elated, free. (And freelance.)

Today, 3 months later, is the first day I felt bored and anxious.

After a brutally hot summer: It's finally 72 degrees, breezy, and clear, and I'm freaking?

It's time to start sizzlin'.

(ABOVE: Confetti courtesy of Sir Paul McCartney. NOT PICTURED: Magical Mystery Tour piano, McCartney's Hofner bass, well-timed fireballs)

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